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Slow improvements



Just got back from a hard day at school :wub: and i'm in a good mood so i wanted to post something positive for a change :pray: A couple of months ago my skin was covered with red'n bumpy painful cysts but after taking some stuff from the doctors my skin began to make a slow improvement... slow yes but still an improvement. My skin no longer is sore and when i touch it it's considerably more flat and smooth as alot of my cheek acne has gone and the remaining has gone down but each spot has left red dottey marks on my face that wont seem to go. Thats why i'm getting the N-lite laser treament, to fade red marks and (seeing as i dont get surface spots) kill the other spots deep within my skin. N-lite is a short term solution though and thats why i really want to go on dianette so it can control my hormones... i might try and beg the derm i'm going to see to put me on it.


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