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day 35



been a week since i started new dosage and haven't noticed any difference other than my cysts are drying out faster and peeling flakes of skin more.

my chest and shoulders look like a bunch of flakey skin, but hey its better than big painful inflamed cysts.

which i do have a few that seemed to pop up right around my dose change. they are always on my neck and it pisses me off i have 3 red lumps on my neck and they look like shit especially when i workout they get all red and inflamed and look horrible. but hey fuck it i don't care anymore ill walk around with cysts all day and not care who stares and just wait for that one guy to say something smart about them so i can relieve some stress on his face!

this morning i had a raw throat and runny nose, i hope im not getting sick :wub:

i also got hammered last Friday night, i took my pill early like 3 and didn't drink till around 7 and played thumper/beerpong/flipcup till about 1 and then went to bed.i drank 2 bottles of water before bed and woke up feeling like a million bucks. i was surprised that i wasn't hungover cause i was drinking liquor as well as yuengling

well that's all i got for you today, i don't think anyone reads my blog cause i don't get any comments or anything. maybe its in the wrong section or im just not interesting enough haha


im actually on day 39 now and im wondering if my breakouts are still normal.. like every bump on my face is filled with white liquid thing (im not sure if the right term there is pus or just the excess of sebum)...in your case, how long did the breakingout last? and what do you use? my face is red and freakin' itchy! haha!need your advise! im freaking out here.. :-

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yea breakouts have been normal for me up till about this point, im on day 70 currently and my face is pretty reliable for not breaking out, my chest and shoulders are still breaking out slightly though cause i think the accutane hasnt reached that point yet.you will find out that your pimples will not only break out less but they will heal faster and not grow to huge size.i use cetaphil gentle face wash in the morning and follow up with cetaphil moisturizer about 5 mins after shower and face has dried.i usally dont wash again at night but sometimes ill do the same thing at nightit will be itchy for a while but it will get better

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