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Day Three!



Alright, so i'm extremely pleased with this product so far. It's help with all these little under the skin bumps i used to have around my mouth, they're slowly going away. I did get a pimple yesterday:( but it's already smaller this morning, still pretty red though but i can live with it. I have also noticed my skin is sooo much smoother! I can't remember ever sliding my hand across my face and thinking "wow! this is super soft!" My skin did feel a little tight at the beginning of yesterday, so i tired not to smile too big or move my face too much as to prevent peeling or cracking and it worked. By about mid-day i noticed the tightness was gone and it felt great!

Another thing, my makeup stayed on through the day! This is a hugee accomplishment for me, because usually by mid-day it wears off and all the little red marks are visible, but that was not the case yesterday, and i am super happy about that. Hopefully the same goes for today:)

I've noticed there are a lot of Accutane related posts going up.. Accutane is for severe acne, right? I doubt all of these people actually have severe acne, and if you're like me, 4 or 5 pimples may make it seem severe, but i'm guaranteeing you the Clinique Acne Solutions is heaven sent! Just try it before you take the leap to Accutane which can be months before you see results, while with this stuff it's a week or two.


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