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One week down



I have one week under the belt. Not too much to report. Seems like it's already helped that gnarly b/o I had go down a lot. I'm gonna put some new photos up, which you can see in my gallery. It looks so much better compared to 2 weeks ago. I still haven't gotten the all over flake. Just mainly in the areas where I have the most active acne. Still enough to make any sort of cover up look horrible. My lips are very dry, and the corners are red. I'm anxious to get the dreaded IB, I just want to get that over with! Some news that I didn't share last post, my dr. was concerned that I might be having some major hormonal problems. She thinks that may have something to do with it, since these bad b/o came on so suddenly. She said if I am having trouble with that, I may have to change to a different treatment. But, I won't find that out until my next blood test, which is next month. As always, I'll post when I have something else to report.

Thanks again,




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