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Clear by christmas (hopefully)



Just got back from the doctors and bad news :whistle: My doctor wouldnt prescribe me on dianette because he feels "weary" of me taking it at my age :clap: Which is stupid because its not even him whos going to take it... i mean i seriously wouldnt care if that pill made me grow an extra finger as long as it made my skin clear :wub: Ahhh well instead he put me on this pill called tetralysal which i dont think will work but still i gotta try and i have this face gel called duac and another face wash called cepton (Whats up with all these weird names?!) and he's going to try and get me an appointment with a proper derm which should be good :pray: anyway i still have to wait nearly a week in till n-lite.... My goal is to get clear by christmas and i want to stick to it!


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Hi. I'm so sorry you have had such a long journey with acne. I know how it feels like to try "everything" and just watch your face get worse. :- I'm currently on accutane (which is like a nightmare), a year ago I didn't have acne at all. I hope you won't have to take accutane. Somethings I would have liked to have tried before accutane, but didn't know about, were Fish Oil and Isolaz Laser Therapy for managing the breakouts. I hope your laser treatment goes extremely well! Let us know, o.k? I have a friend that had acne all through high school. Just over a year ago(she's 23), she did an allergy test and found out she was allergic to wheat. She doesn't eat wheat anymore and her face is gorgeous. At my next doctors appointment, I'm going to ask about an allergy test myself. Just to make sure.Keep blogging! :)

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Thanks for commenting :- Yeah acne is a real bother and i've heard that accutane is like the best thing out there for acne but i've always been too nervous to try it myself but come to think of it if nothing works then i'll try anything. My skin is better than it was some months ago but it feels like things are improving too slowly so thats why i'm getting the n-lite laser treament. Hope things go well for you (which it most-likely will since you're on accutane :) )

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