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2M + 2w update



Its been somewhere 2 months and 2 weeks now that I`m on ROA (I started at 6th august, I remember that). And I am enjoying my skin condition. Have gotten like 4 small pimples in the period of 2 weeks, and they went away quickly. I am picking way less, because it`s hard to find stuff worth picking, now I try to wash and walk away from that danger zone at the mirror. I still feel there is stuff in the pores, non inflammed, just heaps of white stuff somewhere deeper, but there is little I can do.

Since I am only on 10mg per day (partly of financial reasons) and now that I have read the peeling theory, I`m paying more attention to dryness/oilyness levels. There was some excerpt from the inventor of Retin-a on this site- (try searching "inventor retin-a") the idea being to keep your skin peeling. Now I am thinking what I`m going to do when I finish ROA course, I need to exit nicely, and seems that BP or something from retinoid creams are my choice. BP very much could be available at drug store without prescription, but retinoids? I dont know.

Labels like Retin-a, Differin, Diacneal are mentioned here a lot

I`ll try to raise this exit`ing idea at the derm, I have the feeling she might conclude to end the course at 4 months mark.

I have been taking ROA with canned fish / avocado`s.

Taking 15mg of zinc 2 times a day.

Taking vitamin E (30mg) once in 2 days.

Starting my day with a half glass of water + 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar and a bit of honey.

Applied clay mask previous 2 saturdays, although it is quite irritating to wash off.

Still feeling the cold weather messes with my skin`s self repair functions. Using less moisturizer to let my skin dry.

Sorry for disorganized entry, I`ll post at 3 months mark along with pictures of my cheeks. I hope for the best.


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