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Jackie :)


I dont know if i am going through the initial breakout but my face is getting CRAZY!!!!!! I have HUGEEEEE whiteheads, about 10 of them all over and they are disgusting and I feel so hideous with them!! I hope they go away soon :wub: All my friends are going out tonight and im not because of my skin :pray:

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I know exactly what you mean. :- I started getting those on day two, and it's been nonstop. I think it is all that bacteria and junk getting pushed OUT! I've found that they heal up ALOT faster if you leave them alone. Just live with the hugeness of them, and they will be gone soon. Otherwise, it will take longer and they can regrow their huge head again (speaking from experience here). On the bright side, your face is making progress! :) (at least that's what I tell myself to keep from weeping over it all)

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