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Day 128



wow long time with no updates!

so i dont need to use this blog as regularly coz im pretty much clear now. I started using Mandelic acid when my skin was mroe stable and i wasn't going to destroy it by adding another product! so i had an IB from the mandelic acid but since that went away i have literally had no pimples. Im not even joking! i am sooooo happy :pray: the mandelic acid is an absolute god-send. It has evened out my skin tone heaps and is helping a lot with my super stubborn blackheads. I even go out regularly with no makeup or only a bit of powder. I can now wake up every morning and not spend 30 minutes trying to cover up everything on my face. Also i have been eating soooo badly lately and doing no excercise because it is exam time and im stressing AND I STILL HAVE NOT BROKEN OUT! so bascially i'm really happy right now and i think if ur skin isn't super sensitive you should try mandelic acid. At first it will make your skin look worse because it makes your blackheads more obvious but as it slowly exfoliates, your blackheads will basically fall out or slowly go away. And if you decide to use mandelic acid START SLOW! it is an acid so it will make ur skin flake and if you insist on using it every day when you first get it your skin will not cope. I started using it every third day and my skin still flaked a crazy amount until it got used to it.

i hope everyone can get clear and i really recommend the regimen it helps sooo much. STICK IT OUT! i really only started seeing tremendous results around month 3 so dont give up. :wub:


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