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day 30



welp, had my docs appt today and my blood test came back fine so i am getting bumped up from 60mg a day to 80mg.

i was nurvous of my test results because i have been using these new lifting supplements (and loving every minute of it) and i wasnt sure if it was going to effect my blood test.

so far the dryness hasnt been that bad but still dry. my lower back will hurt after any heavy lifting but just for a split second then its fine again.

as for my acne, my face has cleared up for the most part (less blackheads and pimples) but i still get some and still the cysts on my beardline come and go.

i tried posting pics of my chest and face but ig im not allowed to yet cause im still new to the site? :whistle: awesome rule acne.org awesome.

my chest has been clearing up a little, about the second week in if you have been following i had very painful cysts forming and they are now drying up, the worst of it is right on my collar bone cause they tend to be painful.

thats all i have to report today, hopefully this drug isnt fucking up my body with out me knowing :pray: im happier than ever that im back lifting and getting massive pumps :wub: super happy that my acne is clearing finaly


so the supplements are chill while takin this shit - thats legiters. How is NO shotgun? Ive tried assault,jack3d, superpump250, and NO explode (which i did not like) if u can compare it to any of those. My doc said my blood tests were really good so she skipped 40 mg and bumped me up to 60 mg :- So ima get back on my supplements

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so far its just like any other preworkout ive used. i just went on supp website and found the cheapest stack of preworkout and protein. ive only had experience with NO explode and BSN fast twitch so idk whats good. and yea so far i havent experienced and side effects other than dry skin and kinda sore lower back sometimes (doesnt bother me)i think cause of the creatine in the premix and this accutane shit its important that we drink alot of water and i think we should be fine :)grats on the 60mg! im ready to get this shit done and im just starting my second month!what do you prefer for premix and postworkout supps?

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well im just starting to get back into a routine with supplements again. I just ordered a pre workout called White Flood that doesnt have creatine because I really dono about creatine and accutane together. Then I add some BCAA's in with my pre workout drink. Post I take whey isolate mixed with glutamine and more BCAA's. I think I might get some glucosamine to help with joint pain because my back and knees have been feeling pretty shitty. Think I better take deadlifts out of my routine :- I still dono how often is chill to drink on this stuff either.. I drank last sat and want to drink tomo night but shit not sure if once a week is cool, as much of a pussy as I feel like sayin that hahaha what u think mang??

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yea the only reason i still using my pre-mix is because i drink alot of water and fluids. my joints were bothering me when i started accutane but i think the fish oil i take every morning is helping that and im not getting any sore joints anymore.i drank sat night and made sure i drank water before bed and woke up fine no hangover or anything, but yea if i do drink its once a week if that. this NO-shotgun is alright but i use a big full scoop and i dont feel that much pump in the gym from it. on the other premixes i used i would feel so crazy when i lifted on it. but this stuff is just normal. i weighed 190 when i started accutane and i weigh 185 after starting to lift and diet again. i feel awesome other than my dry lips. as for my acne, i get a few cysts here and there but they are not big and dont usally pop, my chest and shoulders are almost clear already

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