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Dermasweep results!



I'll start by evaluating the process itself:

So Dermasweep credits itself for being a painless microdermabrasion method which cleans out the pores and removes dead skin from the surface. Now let me say this: the process was NOT pain-free by any means. This could have been due to the sensitivity from the Differin gel, or it could have been the fact that the esthetician was being enthusiastic with the resurfacing, but I definitely think the pain was worth it. I'm soo thankful for the procedure!

I still have some chin bumps from stubborn dry sebum plugs and active acne, but over all, it looks much better. I'm a little disappointed that the skin coloured bumps on my cheeks were not reduced by much, but my skin texture has definitely improved.

Andd athe very least, after seeing all the skin that was collected (the esthetician wanted to show me how much I needed the procedure), I know that the topical gels I'm using are actually being absorbed better now!

new products: I've started using a Jane Iredale press compact & concealer, as well as a deep cleaning astringent to take away the dry skin (both on the recommendation of my esthetician).

I already have my next microderm appointment in three weeks and will be getting a consultation for a Limelight laser procedure, which will hopefully help with my red marks. Right now, my skin is completely two toned-- it looks like I have a red beard from the post-acne pigmentation-- very unsightly for a dark haired female.

From the progress I've made in the last five weeks, I feel TONS better but am still obsessive about achieving perfection. Until I don't have any clogged pores, active pimples, AND red marks, I won't stop searching for the best solutions for my skin!


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