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Day 12 on the Regimen



So...I honestly didn't realize it's already been 12 days. I think because I got the acne.org products on the 7th, but I was using Clean and Clear face wash, with On the Spot for BP and Oil of Olay Classic for moisturizer before my products arrived. Since switching to Dan's products I have noticed a MAJOR improvement in my overall complexion. Don't get me wrong...I'm not 100% clear, but my oh my do I look better? :clap: Not only that, but on certain days that I DO wear foundation, my skin looks airbrushed... :wub: loving the regimen and loving my skin at the moment.

I know the various message boards say not to use AHA until the 4th week, but like I mentioned before, I am so impatient and I figured that since I was already doing chemical peels at home once a week, AHA couldn't hurt so I have already incorporated that step :whistle: . I have only used it twice though because the first time my face was insanely dry the next day from using WAY too much. Ha-ha So last night I tried again using about a quarter size and voila my face is SO much better today and far less flaky than it had been! YAY! :dance:

Not only that, but I was COMPLETELY expecting to get a really bad breakout with this regimen because that seems to be a normal thing for others and so far...nothing...just pimples going away a little more each day! Of course, I will keep my fingers crossed and :pray: pray that I don't have some huge breakout lurking around just waiting to be seen!

So for now its been decided that even though the regimen is very time consuming...it's worth sticking with as long as I can continue to see some really nice results like I have been.

If anyone is reading this...I will keep you posted.


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