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Day 78



Alright day 78, things have gotten better .

As far as the redness around my mouth goes (if you read last blog entry) , ive realised how to control it. I started moisturizing that area like crazy, like 5-6 times a day, and it seems to have calm down a lot, almost to normal pretty much.

So after trying a prescription cream and aloe vera to no prevail, the moisturizer pretty much saved me (where was my derm on that one lol). Thank god for that cause i wasnt sure i was gonna make the next 2.5 months looking like that.

Skins not bad, 3 small pimples just came up today actually. like, i said, small.. not huge inflamed ones like i used to get.

Gonna push it back up to 60mg and see how it goes with the redness around my lips (im supposed to be on 60, but been taking 40 due to that) .. so yeah, hoping it doesnt bring back the redness, provided i keep moisturizing the area a lot. Even if i could just do one day 60 - the next 40 - and so on id be happy.

We'll see what happens, but i feel like ive got myself back on the right track >=D


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