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Day 105



So, day 105, been on 100 mg for about 2 weeks, and...I dunno about this.

I wanted to go higher because I've heard people on higher doses have better long term results, but I'm breaking out again. I was clear for a while with the occasional zit, but now I have 2 coming in on my already marked up cheek and 2 more on my chin. Is this working or not?

Also, skin is much dryer, still not a lot on my face, am wearing lotion maybe every other day on my face, but don't really need to. My arms and legs though have little red dry patches, real attractive.

Also feeling kind of depressed and stressed out, but that might just be because I'm working 2 jobs and not loving either at the moment rather than the tane.

I'm feeling very frustrated, I know it's not abnormal, (abby something...abby...normal) to brek out when you up your dose, but I'm nearing the end, I have like, 1 or 2 months left, can we just be over this already? I'm already terrified my face is going to be a mess after all this. Just please let this all end ok with my acne being cured, even if it is just for a few years without being covered in scars like my mom. If I could have that, that would be pretty great.

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Heyy heads up yeah, we all know its a long process, and sometimes people dont fully clear up until the end of there course, and even keep IMPROVING after there course finishes.But so far you've seen progress, and unless your derm tells you to then dont worry about going up. For most people, it takes a while to see full results.

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