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Possible hiccup. :(



So, I was checking out my iPledge status and my derm's office had entered the wrong dr. in my information. So when I changed it, it wiped my whole status out! WHen I called my office and informed them of this, they said it might push my treatment back a whole month! :( So after about an hour of phone calls back and forth to my derm office AND the iPledge hotline, who said that it shouldn't be a problem at all, since sometimes dr.s names do have to be changed, I'm not sure what my status is now. The iPledge people say it's totally fine and I don't have to wait since I've done all necessary testing, but the nurse at my derm's office wasn't so sure. I'm gonna be beyond bummed if I gotta wait another 30 days, for trying to correct a mistake that the office made! Of course, I'll let you all know on Monday. Wish me luck.


-Mees :rolleyes:

UPDATE: Everything has been taken care of! THere's officially no problem. Monday should go smoothly.


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