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Just took my 7th pill

Jackie :)


So....I just took my 7th pill so I guess i finished my first week on Accutane. My lips are starting to crack at the sides and it HURTS!! But thank goodness for my aquaphor because it works wonders!!So I decided to tough it out and go to Dallas and not let my face stop me from doing the fun things I want to do! Because in the end....acne is not the WORST thing that could happen to me. I always have to stay positive and while its very difficult I need to keep my head up and just face these 6 months with a smile on my face. Hope to hear other peoples insights on how their journey is going and keep your head up :rolleyes:

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Thanks for sharing, Jackie. And I agree! Staying positive is key. I just hope I can remember that when I start my treatment! GL with your treatment. :-

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