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day 12 with Roaccutane



before i take ROA, almost the time i did not have breakfast,since i started, everyday must have breakfast for ROA, funny thing happened this morning, after breakfast, i did make up , wearing uniform prepare to go to work, as the driver miss call me earlier, i am hurry up to go, suddenly i remember, it seems i forgot take ROA, that time i already went out, even that, i perfer let the driver wait for me, as i cant miss one time for ROA, finally i did the same, but this is the first time i forgot it :rolleyes:

thanks god, i did the 12days with ROA, you know...........urh, through these days i find out dont think about your face and will be more better :(

be honest, i did not feel good about my face without puting anything now.

There is 2 cysts on my forehead obvious, except that , a lot of small pimples, not obvious.

3 cysts underneath on forehead, nose, left cheek. 2more in my chin, small ,fading half..

the big one which located in my right cheek,closed my mouth, seems fading slowly, maybe will take 2weeks went completed.

my lips is horrible, even i should be careful when i laughing, it start flaking,cuting, drying...

my headache is more slight than before, even some time i cant feel that, nose and my hand start dry, but not bad, face also, but i keep puting on mask everynight to mosturizing, a little better than 2days before, at least the next day easy to put make up............ :mad:

we organize a small party in friday, urh, almost 8 persons,hope that day my looking will be more better than now :(


Hi! It's good that you are writing this blog. Many people are going through (and have gone through) what you and myself are currently experiencing. I started Amnesteem (generic accutane) six days ago. Last night, I came down with an unusual headache, which I'm sure is from the drug. Glad to know yours is getting better. From what I've learned from other people's experience on this drug is to expect a bumpy road, with it gradually getting better after each new break out. As we wait this drug out, I learned some helpful tips from watching AnaM10T and Melyssalovespink on youtube. You might want to check them out. Some things that I am doing is adding Fish Oil (mercury free, molecular distilled). You should always ask your doctor first before taking a supplement, some may not be right for you. The fish oil apparently helps with inflammation (it will take two weeks to see an effect) and can help regulate hormones (which my acne is all hormonal related). I live in a drier climate, and my skin is already dry (not oily), so the dryness effect of this med. does concern me. I was told to sleep next to a humidifier, this well help with nosebleeds and overall dryness. Also, find a good lotion that you like and use it often. I am also avoiding my contacs, I had dry eyes before I started this drug. I am also using eye drops as needed to keep the eyes moist. Use a product that is for moisturizing dry eyes. Avoid the ones that take the "red out" since they usually contain an ingredient that causes dry eyes with prolonged use. Also, drink lots and lots of water. It is best to drink it throughout the day a little at a time instead of big amounts every few hours. For dry lips, which are a guarantee on this drug, use a good chapstick (ie medicated blistex) with aquaphor. I've even been putting a little of my moisturizing eye cream on my lips just to delay the dryness beginning there. I like to think every little bit helps. Good luck to you, hope your party goes well. My advice would be, wear your favorite out-fit, play up your eyes with make-up, and wear a big smile. That will make any pimple on your face seem smaller!! (Also, no drinking alcohol, your liver is already working overtime with this drug)

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