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I have to say I am finding it really hard to plan my meals around the pills....or my pills around the meals....whatever! I also feel hungry yet strangely have a loss of appetite.

I started on a probiotic also, just for a month, maybe two.

No new breakouts in almost 10 days of starting the doxy, and about 2 weeks since that makeup breakout. I did notice some kind of closed comedone...milia? maybe...on my chin and tried squeezing them a bit which resulted in a red bump, that I then popped...BUT! The Polysporin has helped them out a lot, besides a red mark they're not noticable. They are quickly healing :rolleyes: The makeup breakout marks are also healing, there is just one left with a bumpy texture to my skin.

Overall, my skin is looking fine right now besides the red spots.

I think, though, that I am soon going to start using the oil cleansing method. Less products are better for my skin (and my wallet). I also like oil because it removes makeup and I won't have to buy another eye/makeup remover just for that. Researching about that right now and I am not sure which combination would be best. I want to try emu oil but it's like $27 at the health food store and the bottle isn't all that big (no more than 100-125 mL). If I create a really cheap oil blend (like $10-20) that works well I'll stick with it, otherwise I'll buy an oil cleanser from Sephora (anywhere from $18-35). But again, I've got to be patient about that. I don't want to lose any of the progress I've made.

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good to know that you're slowly healing now. just don't concentrate on the oil treatment. it migh cause your acne to come back. find products with oil control.

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