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day 9 with Roaccutane



the weekend always let the days past fast, after 2days off, i already in day 9 with Roaccutane, so excited, :( now back my situation with Roaccutane, during the 2days off, there is a little changed, e.c my ears 90% good without any painful, the cysts run away......

my forehead almost cleared, but still rough, :(

the one between my eyebrows gone away, but inside of my eyebrow still tough and living there happily............ :(

there is alot small whitehead in both cheek,& tons of blackhead in my nose,uh......my right cheek and chin totally 3 cysts underneath.

the red marks fading a lot , at least now i go out without any powder in these 2days off( actually there is a lot red marks full of the face, like get some allergic, i still feeling shy when the people looking at me, but i told my self , anyway, be tough and strong, one day they will look at you and feeling jealous about your skin :( ) be honest, now i am living with a hope ( one day i can be acne free) but if really i cant have other people's experience curing it very well, i will be down for long time........ :mad:

urh....my lips start dry 2days before, as others mentioned the same time will be dry , if you are not put anything after washing your face or finished eating :mad:

slight headache keepiing always............

feeling tired easily..............

that's all, why nobody come here to support me , i am soooooooo sad........ :D

anyway, i write it for myself , later can be a good memories......... :rolleyes:


加油ï¼ï¼Think of our goal-----> to have acne-free skin :(!! and cheer up!!
Sorry for my late reply, as i have some problem with others put comments since i start the blog, which i should approve( i didnt notice till today, so stupid, also is somebody write for me :) )thanks for reading my blog.yes, with paitent, we will make it ! come on ! :( how come you write chinese? :-

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