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Day 67 :(



So here i am.. once again broken out with like 8-10 pimples, just when i thought things were getting better.. but this time my lips, and all around my lips are noticeably red, not to mention sore.

Called my derm, and he said to go back down from 60mg to 40mg. I really wouldnt of minded staying at 60mg and having these breakouts, but my lips seriously look aweful..

Its one thing to catch someone glancing because you have acne, but its another for them to be staring at something abnormal like a sore red ring of skin around your mouth. Talk about feeling insecure hey.

Have barely looked anyone in the eye this whole week. To get a glimpse of what having good skin was like a month ago was the best thing ever, but now i just feel like im back at square one and i have no idea why. Im truely scared of going back to how things were, i thought i was getting through this and it was improving.

Why would your skin improve to nearly being completely clear.. then a month later have 8 nasty red pimples on your face? i really dont understand it. First thing is first, i need to get my lips back to normal condition. hopefully going back to 40mg will do that. But for now, i wont be going far this weekend, lets just say that much.

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Hey, don't worry, it's not uncommon to break out again when you get bumped up, that's just your skin pushing all the crap out. As for the lips, that does suck, It's good that you talked to your doctor about it. It'll work out, just takes time, in about another month, I bet the worst will be over and it will be clear sailing.

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