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How i got my ROA



This is the convo I had with my derm. :

-To treat the condition you have we will probably need "capsules". Let me see your back.

-I am not ready to expose it YET.

-Fine, but then go to other derm.

-Mmkay. (showing my blood-volcanos on my back)

-Oh yeah, Capsules, mos def.

-"Capsules" as Roaccutane by chance?

-Yeah. But first we try facial washes and stuff. If that dont work (it doesnt for me) then i prescribe it next month (and blood tests yaga-yaga).


Its been 1 month + 3 weeks. Back/bone pains are intense. Sad thing is, nobody would believe me I had these pains. Feeling emotionally down atm, theres darkness at end of the tunnel, there is no tunnel, why should there be?


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