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day 6 with Roaccutane



Even not feeling the time, is already 6days with Roaccutane, skin looking a little better.

no new pimples, the old one between my eyebrow & inside left eyebrow both is became smaller, thanks god i didn't pop it up.

there is 2 in my left cheek 2days before, today is fading , cant touch it, but left a small red scar.

there is many many many small whiteheads & blackheads full of my nose and forehead, the perivious red scar both my cheek now is fading slowly..

for the side effects, still slight headache , if i am not wrong, the eye is dryness( as they said the eye dryness you cant feel but is already dry long time) i am sure the headache happened cause my eyes, as before start Roaccutane , never have such kind of feeling, anyway , is only slight, not that bad.

till now did not feel dry lips, i put all the lipstick all day.

but i feel my hand is dry.

one different effects is my both ears painful, it seems inflamed , if touch carefully , there is two big big cysts underneath, painful......

my throat and nose start feeling dry now......

that's all, would like buy the eye drops , any suggest which one is more useful?

the mood is good, seems not think too much about what happen with my pimples,as i know with days , all will gone, only what i need is paitent, paitent, paitent, and paitent!

wish all of you guys who suffering with acne long time , should have the same thinking, be strong and paitent, we will have clear skin soonnnnnnn......... :rolleyes:


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