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Post 2 month and 3 weeks!



It's been a while...but i've never forgotten about this blog! =)

it's been 2 month post of taking accutane for me, and i got to say it feels pretty darn good to be off of these drugs. I've done my blood work and check ups after being off and i'm very blessed to be on track in terms of health. I can drink again~ with no worries which is also a huge plus hehe

The redness and the scars are still visible but it's way better than before...

like i've mentioned on my previous blogs, i'm so grateful bc my before pics were just horrible....

so horrible that i want to carry it around and remind myself to be humble and never forget what i went thru..which in my lifetime i can never forget. I'm so grateful that all the bumps and pain are gone.

Due to my docs recommendations of undergoing fraxel treatment after 6 month, i decided to listen to her. I just wanted to go thru laser treatements to treat my redness and scars asap..but i just have to be patient..

Having no bumps and acne is just half the battle the other half is the after marks left....

Anyways, i can remember just one time when i woke w a small bump on my face but it soon went away by itself at the end of the day...so cool. it didn't even leave a mark!

Anyways i'm happy! And super excited to just go out there , show my face and be proud of my own skin no matter the lfaws! =)

Good luck to all of you who are on accutane! You can do it! Just be patient and your day will come! Much love xoxo

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hi there, i just stoped by and read your journey about Accutane, i really happy for u get clear skin and would like go out always to see the ppl, i was started just 6days now, actually not that much changed for me till now, and i am really worried about the breakout, such scared pimples full of my face suddenly, btw, can u tell me what's mean "IB" i saw this words from almost blogs , but cant understand.also did u aviod any food during you take Accutane( seafood, milk, egg, spices....) during your period , did u stop or you take as usual? cheers again for your flawless skin and pray for u stay forever! :-

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