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Day 14



Well the menstrual cycle break out happened. Sigh. 5 big BIG ones on my chin. I mean I'm sure you can imagine the intense desire I have to wear makeup. I've gone to work two days in a row now with no cover-up and I got some nice little subtle comments.

Anyway- the rest of my skin looks great. And EVERYTHING is already drying up. That is what is STILL so miraculous about this- the healing process is definitely sped up and the drying process more successful. Still haven't cleansed my face. Still really have no system daily- I just wash with water when my face feels kinda clogged and dirty.

So- I should get my period in a few days. Hopefully this heals fast and leaves no marks- that is really what I am hoping for.

Also- I have to say that it is totally definite that I have hormonal acne. I believe not washing my face has CLEARED UP any other acne I would get in my non- menstruating weeks. I think that THAT acne was caused by skin sensitivity and smearing crap (cleansers, soap, cream, astringent, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, bronzer- YOU NAME IT) on my face. I just don't think my skin can handle stuff on top of it!


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oh my goodness so i just read ur blog and this sounds sooooo tempting!!!!! I was the exact same way... in hs i barely broke out n it wasnt till this last year when its been bad. id say its been clearing up recently minus a bad one i have right now. but overall i just have to clogged pores on my cheeks... my face gets oily and flakey like it never used to... currently i am on Dorxy-nightSprintec BC- morningDuac-morningRetin a-everyother nightTazorac on my cheeks where the clogged pores areI need to take the BC due to my irregularity but i would love to just stop all the rest but im afraid to...

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I guess the question is- do you see a very clear improvement compared to before you started all the medication?Because if not- then I say try it. It wont hurt because you are already broken out. But if you do see an improvement then continue to use the products. Like I've said before I think a lot of this may boil down to sensitive skin. But then again- a lot of people could just have acne that needs something topical for a few years. I don't know.I stopped because one day I realized that what I had been putting on my face had absolutely NO benefit. There was no noticeable pattern of benefit linked to what I put on my face. A list of medications I have used in the past 7 years: Tazorac, Retin-A, Differin, antibiotics, saylic, benzoyl, hippy "natural" acne gel, ortho trycycline, various astringents, mud masks, exfoliants by the bucket full. I did get a topical antibiotic while I was abroad in England for 6 months. It seemed to help me during a massive STRESS breakout. I'm not sure they have it here. BUt then on the other hand- I'm not really sure it did anything- seeing as every single painful red zit I grew on my face two days ago is dried up and probably will be totally gone in the next few days.I mean this was an AWFUL breakout on my chin and I'm what- 4 days into it and it's all dried up? The only problem with the past couple days is not putting any makeup on it. THAT is really what is hard. If I could just put makeup on my chin right now and even leave the rest of my face bare- I would look perfect.

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