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DAY 30



DAY 30

Goodness, I cannot believe I've gotten through month one! I am so thankful I am one month down.. I really haven't experienced horrible side effects though, the dryness and itchiness under my nose has subsided and doesn't bother me one bit anymore. I'm not really dry anywhere, I am so so happy my dermatologist bumped up my dose. I am now taking 30mg twice a day. Hopefully I'll start seeing some improvements! Things are basically still the same as before, my forehead is better but has been having the occasional pimple. My checks are still absolutely dreadful and I cannot stop picking. I'm starting to see pocket scarring though, so I must stop. I have scars all over my checks from picking but it's such a hard habit to break. My blackheads are okay, where I have extracted them looks awesome. I think tonight I will extract the rest. I see no point in waiting. If you haven't noticed, I am very impatient. Oh well, that's just my update. If I see any significant side effects from the upped dosage I will update. See you later guys :rolleyes:

P.S. Does anyone have any recommendations for a body moisturizer? Thanks!

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I had the SAME dryness around the nose at first too. But it went away and for the blackheads those were the first things to go. Mine are GONE. :-

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