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1st week with Roaccutane!



Its really by accident find this websites, my name is nana, an orginal Chinese girl, 24years old. as the most people who come here always, i am suffering with my ance for long time ( almost 7years), its not that horrible but moderate, every day have new pimple on my rough face, actually my skin of my body is white and smooth, the same with my face when i was younger, that time all my friend admire about my skin,as really like a baby's. since i was in high school, the storm is coming, i started have some, later full of cheek, i uesd a lot of medicine, all is useless, as later all come back, my face is destoryed completed, until now , i hate my face, dont wanna see people outside,including friends, only wanna stay at home, even that, whenever i saw myself in the mirror, and suddenly feel blue, feeling the life not desver to live , why others have pretty clean skin, and i have that kind od garbage ,ugly ,rough, full of small red scar , pimples, why, why , why........................some times the people staring at my pimples, and ask, what happen to your face, maybe they are care about me, but inside me, i hate them keep asking same questions, i hate hate hate, really the ance effects me since i have till now, i am really not feel my self for 7years now, it hurts me a lot lot lot, i lost my confindence, even some times dont wanna to talk, always keep quite ( actually i am a girl talktive, active, love laughing, outgoing) but now i think have autism, melancholia..........

I Worked 3years now, everyday put make up , it make the ance worse , and the pore is big........ i am afriad to see people without make up, the make up let me feel a little better at beginning, but now is useless at all, as cant cover the ance at all, i always complained to my BF 3years( we are stay together 3years :rolleyes: ) , Thanks god, he stay with me not because my face but my heart, that's why he try to find a good medicine is really useful, this is the story how i found the Roaccutane and start it now, this is already 5days for me, ( i started 25th Sep ,2010) 40mg/per day,except light headache and painful of my back and waist, no else side effects happened to me till now, after the Roaccutane, i got around 4 or 5 small pimples ( of coure is red )coming out in both cheek , and big one between my two eyebrow, one inside the eyebrow, i dont know this is what we called the break out or because of my period also coming when i took the Roaccutane at 2nd day. will keep update once i have an


Question: ---is there any food to avoid to eat (like seafood, milk, egg, spices.......) any one know that ?

-----is that ok to take Roaccutane as usual even we have period?

----What else we should do or dont do when we have Roaccutane?

Thanks a lot for read and advice .....


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