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back for round two ... awesome



unfortunately im back, and on my second course of accutane. i've only tooken two pills so far and havent seen a change yet but then again i didnt expect too......

my acnes not as bad as before and i easily cover it with makeup. im hoping this will be the last time i have to take accutane and im hoping it will work very well and faster then the last time. so far i have gotten no breakout and im hoping it stays that way although the doctor told me the breakout would not be as bad as before, although im not really sure he knew what he was talking about.

ill keep an update i just wanted to start this up again so i could keep track of my process

hello accutane old friend, im home. :rolleyes:


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hi there, i Just stop by and saw all your journey of your 1st round about Roaccutane, it was amazing as you said, even no horrible break out that time , right? but why is only less than one year, it came back again? did you eat such oily food , spices or what is the main reason? i am a new here, and already start the Roaccutane 5 days now, that's why worries a lot about break out , BTW, what 's the meaning of "IB"

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That doesn't sound so great. Accutane is unhealthy on the inside.Why use something to make yourself look healthier on the outside without working to be healthy on the inside first?Glad you are doing something though! Keep strong, and fight hard!:-!

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the IB is horrible i have no idea why but when i took accutane my first time i had a horrible, horrible IB. and i have no idea why i had to take it a second time, my acne was so severe that the first time i took accutane i thought it was gone, but i was wrong it just decreased the amount, although i still had a lot of active acne so to be 100% clear i needed another round. but you shouldnt be to worried about the IB some people dont even get it, i have been taking my second round of accutane for three weeks now and i dont know if its because its my second time taking it or not but i got absolutely no IB and things have been looking wonderful.

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