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Thought id share my experience in treatments.

I'm a 20 year old girl and have struggeled with acne since i was 14.

After using all the usual products (clearisal, nivea young and clinique consistently for at least 3-4 months each, clinique for over a year) i decided to go to the doctors and see what could be perscribed. Because i had acne on my back also the doctor decided to put me on antibiotics rather then a prescribed topical cream (i cant remember what it was but probably BP).

I was put onto oxytetracycline and told to take it 4 times a day on an empty stomach. I found no improvement in my skin, but it didnt make it worse either. Towards the end of the treatment i more or less gave up as i found it near impossible to time the taking of the pills correctly.

At this time the acne on my back was worse then that on my face so it was easier to cover up. This, along with the complete failure of the original perscribed treatment, was probably the reason i didn't head straight back to the doxtors.

I went back to religiously using the clinique range. the pump cleanser, toner and moisturiser as well as the clay mask on my face and the soap bar on my back as well as the body anti acne spray. (i had tried other body sprays throught this period such as t-zone and one called something like kenzo(?). i found the clinique one with the soap to work best)

Before beginning uni i began to become self conscious of it with the thought of not constently being able to wear makeup when living with other students. At this point my back had cleared up (not by any means completely but a little) however my face was worse.

My mother suggested laser treatment after hearing about it from a friend, went for a consultation at a very posh skin hospital and was quoted £2000 for a series of treatments. After thourough research i found a chain of skin centres which offered the treatment for much less.

Each treatment must be 4 weeks apart and the centre also sold be some expensive glycolic products which would help the laser work better. I was very opptimistic before starting this treatment however by the time it was booked in i was at uni and having to travel home for the weekend for the treatment to be done.

Having bad tonsilitus resulted in me missing a treatment and the time between the treatments being messed up.

During the treatments there was little side effects other then sometimes red skin. Along with the laser i was given microdermibrasion and punkin peels.

After the series of 3 i saw a small improvement but was told because of the time between the treatments not being correct it wouldnt have worked as officently so i undertook a second series with more success.

Looking back at the last year at uni i can see my skin was noticable better then before i began the treatements and after the last set of three i did see an improvment. i was able to wear less makeup and worry about it less. i also found the skin on my back to be better through sunbathing and the clinque soap.

At my summer ball at the beginning of june 2010 i was almost completely clear face and back and was just left with scarring. brilliant.

however it started to go wrong over then summer, if anything i had throught it was going to get even better with a better diet, more sleep and a better routine of exercise but instead it got worse. Not horrendously worse but to the point were i was having to apply spot cream more and more. The expensive glycolic products id been using all year had also run out.

After having a few other friend go on the pill and their skin clearing almost completely i decided to give it a go to regulate my periods as well.

When at the doctors i told him i wanted something to clear up my acne. He told me i had two options the pill or antibiotics again. i told him the problems i had with actually taking the antibiotics last time. He told me that i should have been instructed to take all 4 tablets as soon as i woke up in the morning and because id been taking them throughtout the day they wouldnt have been so effective.

I decided to go on the pill anyway as it would mean i cud plan my periods better and the doctor said i should see results quicker then antibiotics. I asked if i cud be put on both at the same time and he said yes but theres no point starting them at the same time but after a couple of months on the pill i could go back and start antibiotics.

I was put on the yasmin pill which id previously read was best for clearing up skin.

I started the pill as instructed and experienced some very bad cramps which stopped after a few days, my skin broke out a little but i expected this (despite the fact the doctor had not warned me of it) and was ready for it to break out before improving. i stared applying small amounts of BP. However at the beggining of the 2nd week it was not getting better and infact got alot worse. much worse then it had even been before the laser treatment.

This is when i found this website and applied BP all over and lots of it.

My skin is red and itchy and i feel horrible. Its been expactly a year since i had the laser treatment and my skin is now the same if not worse then this time last year and my parents are ALOT of money down. The doctor said i should see improvment around 3 weeks which is where i am coming up to so hopefully this will all clear up and everything will be fine however from what i have now read about yasmin im beginning to doubt this is the case.

Im angry at my doctor for not explaining any of the negative side effects and not offering me other pill options but hopefully itll work out for the best and itll work.

As of this week im using the cleanser i have been for a while (neutrogener pink grapfruit) as well as new 5% BP, simple moisturiser and jojoba oil.


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