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day 14



i never used to have bad cystic acne on my chest and shoulders untill now. right before i started accutane i started to break out on my shoulders and chest. and when i started accutane it got worse. i now have around 15 painful inflaimed cysts on my chest and shoulders. they arnt super big or infected just painful when i sleep and workout, also sometimes they are unbearably itchy and just AHHH. im pissed cause i work hard in the gym to have a nice chest and traps and now they are covered in big lumps. cant wait to be done with this so i can have my nice body back. it makes them worse cause the skin is tight around my chest and shoulders

im taking this as my inital break out cause my face isnt that bad (its been worse) but my shoulders and chest are the worst they have ever been. im gonna ride this out but its very uncomfortable and im sick of it.

ive put in my time with acne, TIME TO DIE CYSTS

other than that statement, aquafor or whatever is a godsend for dry lips. and no matter how much moisturiser i put on my face has flakey skin that i need to stop peeling off. but it looks like shit when there are dry skin flakes on my face.

time is flying by :rolleyes:


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