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Day 8



A definite improvement on yesterday. The lumps are gone and now there's just some scab marks from me picking at them (whoops).

Went to Boots today to stock up and prepare myself for the dry stage! I decided to buy a new face wash, and chose a Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Face Wash. I loooooove this. It actually makes me look so radiant and my skin so healthy that I don't even notice my acne much! Would definitely reccommend it to anyone on Roaccutane as it's so gentle on your skin, and doesn't leave you feeling tight or greasy.

What I really concentrated on buying was a new lip balm! I know all the cheaper lip balms and chapstcks look nice and probably are good enough for normal circumstances, but my one piece of advice I would give to anyone going on this drug is to get a reaaaally good lip balm. Last time the cracking on my lips and in the corner of my mouth was unbearable, so this time I'm starting early and using something stronger than Vaseline! I went with one that looked quite medical, and it was £3.50 in Boots, called Flexitol Lip Balm. I found it amongst the others but it caught my eye as it said it was for "severely dry lips" and even has some before and after pictures on the box! I've only started using it today but already I can tell it's amazing. My lips are actually 20 times less dry than this morning. For the price I would definitely reccommend it.

I also decided to buy some moisturising healing cream, and went with A-Derma repair cream, which is next to the E45 section in Boots. The whole range is quite pricey, with cleansers and moisturising creams for about £10-£15, but the repair cream (£6) is something I've used in the past and is actually amaaaaaaazing. I once had a patch of severely dry skin on my face, and within a day and after applying the cream twice it was basically gone! I'm hoping this will come in

handy for any scabs and dry patches. I've already applied it once today!

One thing - I've been feeling reeaaally tired and achey today. My muscles actually ache all over! I don't know if it's the drug or whether I'm coming down with something, but I've heard it can be a side-effect. Has anyone else experienced this so early in the treatment? I didn't really expect such dry lips and aching on this dosage and so soon!

I'll keep you updated though, and hope I don't wake up with flu tomorrow!



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