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2 months - dosage upped



So 2 months exactly .. things going pretty avg. Saw my derm today and hes upped me to 60mg to kick off my 3rd month.

My lips look like crap! .. split in both corners, very sore.. and what seem like sores or lip blisters have been appearing. Never had them before in my life. I think the dryness is really starting to take its toll on my lips.

Things were going ok on 40mg, but just recently got a few new pimples out of no where. so clearly its not over yet.. so ive been upped to 60mg.

I really didnt want to go any higher than 40mg.. but ive come this far, i dont want to back down now. And i know in about 3 months or so it should all be over.

I cant fricken wait!!


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