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Day 23



Hey world! I'm now at day 23. Haven't written in almost a week; had friends visiting for the last 5 or 6 days. I had SO much fun with them. Skin's really clear for the most part! I have still been getting some pimples, but they are very small and heal quickly. Right now all I have is one tiny one under my lip, which you literally can't see but is a little bit sore, and a healing red spot on my lower cheek, also barely noticible. Random blackheads sometimes too, but those are easy to deal with. Still have some skin-colored bumps around my chin but that's really about it! I'm surprised because I definitely neglected to wash my face the last few nights and I should be crazy broken out.

My skin has been really dry and flakey, but now that has stopped for the most part. Red spots are also quickly fading! I feel like my skin is now getting used to the Spiro and is evening itself out moisture-wise.

I'm already wearing less makeup! LOVE that fact. I don't think I'm completely in the clear yet though, I still have been getting zits here and there, so I've seen some ups and downs in my skin's clarity thus far. I just don't want to get my hopes up too high this early in the game, and I know that I still have a bit of time until I see the really desired results, but I feel like it's working already! Crossing my fingers that I won't break out bad again because my skin is already way clearer in the red spot department. I can now use one lightish layer of concealer and a little powder and my skin looks flawless! Still a tiny bit bumpy on the sides of my chin but only I would over-analyze those! So yeah, things are looking up. I wish I had done this so much sooner because I literally feel no negative side effects anymore, it's clearing my skin and it's effortless! Stick with it everyone!


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