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Blood results



I am holding my recent blood results, I have to deliver this to my derm. I wish I could scan and upload this. Nothing is peaking at first sight. Good thing they show here my previous results from this lab, so I can compare, and the normal values of healthy person for results are given too.

RDW-ER ratio 11.1 (11.5-15.5) 11.5

The first number is recent result, second is norms and third is my previous from 2 months ago. This is the only stuff on paper that is underlined, I guess its too low.

Eritrocites sinking speed 14 1-15 2

Seems a bit high, compared to my previous "2".

Triglicerydes 0.96 <2.0 1.14

I think this was of matter when on ROA.

Its been 1 month + 3 weeks on ROA. I had a few paper cuts. Overall things are improving, and there was one time where i even skipped washing my face in the morning (just rinsed with water), because it felt it would do more harm than good. Kind of giving it a rest day.


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