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Hey everyone...

So I have had acne since I was about 12.. So for 8 long painulful years. It started off mild (but I of course thought it was the worst thing in the world). I started wearing makeup really early and that probably didn't help much with the whole breakout situation.

Anyways. It started getting really bad in my early teens so I started trying antibiotics, and had no success. By age 15 my acne was THE WORST it had ever been. And worse than anyone I had ever seen in person. It was so embarrassing and after trying everything, I decided to go on accutane. I took it for 6 months with Diane-35 as the required birth control (which has extra acne fighting powers). I had cleared up very well after my treatment and stayed fairly clear for a couple years. I stayed on the Diane afterwards up until 2 months ago. I broke out still, but not nearly as bad as I had so I was happy.

Unfortunately the accutane has left me with permanent health problems. I was diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome FINALLY after having health problems for many years. But yeah, it turns out many people who have taken accutane are left with this syndrome.

For the past 5 months my acne has started going back towards it's old self... I've tried everything in the books for it and nothing is working. OH I forgot to mention I have pretty bad scarring leftover from my years of trouble. I have undergone treatments of microdermabrasion and blu-u light treatments (which promised to help with the scarring and existing acne). They didn't improve my skin at all. So I wasted A LOT of money on that.

Anywho. I have decided to give the regimen a shot as i am basically out of options. I ordered the starter kit plus the aha lotion and the jojoba oil(since i tend to get dry easily). I'm eagerly waiting for my stuff and can't wait to use it and hopefully see results.

My acne has been such an insecurity for me and lately I feel sad and helpless when I look at my skin. I hope this will change that.

I got a minocycline prescription as well but I think I will try the regimen first without taking drugs for it. Currently I take tri-cycline lo, which is supposed to help with acne anyways.

I'll be posting pictures right away, hopefully I see results and can be another success story!


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