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No dairy for a month - Day 1



Today marks the beginning of a 30-day experiment to completely eliminate dairy from my diet. I've been itching to get started on this experiment all week. I just had to finish up the last of the milk in my fridge.

I had been introduced to the concept of abstaining from dairy a long time ago on the Acne.org boards, but it wasn't until recently that I had reached my breaking point and accepted the fact that this may be one of my best options. That's typically how it goes for me. I see a regimen or treatment on the Acne.org forum that sounds crazy, then several months later I get so desperate that I start trying it myself.

The main purpose of this diet change is to curb the excessive oil production on my nose, rather than to specifically prevent acne (although that would be a nice fringe benefit). Recently I've been reading lots of information on the link between dairy, hormones, and sebum production. The theory is that dairy stimulates the creation of DHT, a hormone supposedly responsible for triggering the sebaceous glands into producing oil. As it happens, I drink a lot of milk. As part of a bodybuilding diet designed to gain weight, I have been drinking half a gallon of whole milk every day for the past several months. Even though my oily skin predicament started prior to the heavy milk drinking, I still have hope that there is some connection. At the very least, my oil problem seems to be worse now than it used to be.

My milk alternative of choice is Almond Breeze. I picked some up at the store today for the first time and it's not half bad. The taste is totally tolerable.

As a side note, I've also been taking 900mg of Saw Palmetto every day for the past two weeks in an effort to reduce the sebum on my nose. So if I do start noticing reduced oil production in the coming weeks, there is a slim possibility that it's due to the Saw Palmetto. That would be doubtful since I have yet to see any effects from the supplement, but I just thought I'd mention it for the sake of accuracy.

I'll try to post a progress report at the 2-week mark, October 10, and then another one on October 26 when the experiment comes to a close.


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Your experiment should last 6 months. Those hormones are locked into receptors in your oil glands and will take months for them to gradually decrease in number and effect. The failure to take into effect this slow response to hormone or withdrawal of hormone has invalidated or hampered numerous studies of the effect of hormones on acne, going back into the 1970s.Let us know how you are doing late March?

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Hey wikiderm, thanks for the input! Do you have any medical literature I can read regarding that claim? I've never heard that before, but then again my research on the subject hasn't been very extensive. As much as I would hate to give up dairy for 6 whole months, if that's really what it takes then I'm willing to try. I just want to make sure it's valid science before I commit to such a long experiment.

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