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Day 11



I think I might have over- water washed my face. It was kind of dry yesterday. To make matters worse I had to take two showers yesterday. One before work and then one late at night after being around a ton of sick people. I figured it helped my chances of not getting sick if I scrubbed any potential germs off my body.

So no face washing today or tomorrow of any kind!

So I am beginning to embark on my menstrual cycle. It should be coming in the next week or two. My cycle has never been 28 days... in fact it's more like 40 days quite often. So I never really know when I'm due to start... but usually I can tell by what my face is doing!

So I have a tiny blemish on my cheek right next to my nose and two little ones on my chin. All are on the left side of my face. It's so funny how these zit patterns are. Chin is usually on the right and nose area is usually on the left. But my chin decided to keep it fresh and break out on the left. Oh well.

Anyway- they are really minor. I expect them to be gone soon. They are the non-scarring kind.

I was looking at my face this morning thinking- if I could just speed up my skin healing process and get rid of all of the red marks from old zits- my skin would look beautiful and perfect!

I am considering getting a lazer treatment on my face to remove temporary scarring. I think in terms of skin care I'm going to channel all the funds I usually spend a year on cleansers and what not into getting a few skin treatments a year. Maybe like two facials and some lasering every year. Just and idea.


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