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Hey everyone! I just found this website a couple days ago and have been back everyday! I soon will be starting Accutane if my blood work goes good and have been anxious about it and this site has been awesome to read what others have to say and hear of their results. So I decided to start my own blog of taking Accutane since maybe I can help someone down the road with the same issues.

Before I dive into my zitty past: after reading others blogs I just wanted to break free from this control that acne has on my life..so went out walking with NO makeup on...with my husband and I danced down the streets and into a park and it was fabulous. :( No body stared at my face like i thought they would...its all in your head..we are our worst critics for sure! My husband didnt even comment that I went out without make up on....and its something I dont think Ive ever done since I got to Italy. So obviously we are the ones who notice it the most. SO thank you acne.org and all of you who share your stories.

Acne Past: (sorry quite long!)

I remember starting to get zits when I was in 6th grade but it was never horrible. I managed through high school just using topicals. When I started college I went to the derm and he put me on Bactrium also using Differin in the morn and Duac at night. It worked good, I still had some breakouts but nothing earth shattering, but then after I graduated college (still on Bactrium) I moved to Italy and ran out of my supply of antibiotics. Then my face really flared up, i guess it would be moderate with cystic nodules. I also started getting it all over my back which is just the absolute worst part of the whole thing. I feel like i constantly have to be covered, and dread swimsuit season because i dont want anyone to see my back. The perfect word in Italian is vergona. ..like shame. Its depressing.

So after I married my Italian boyfriend I was able to see the doctors here and went to a private Derm.(i didnt marry him to just to get to go the doctors ..if thats what it sounds like ..ha) She put me on Tretrasyl (which may be tetracycline translated im not really sure) for 4 months then took me off for the summer cause she said it was photosensitive. She gave my Zitromax for over the summer but I heard its a very strong antibiotic and after being on Bactrium for 4 years I was already freaked out about liver damage and antibacterial resistance (which my first derm never mentioned to me) So i only took Zitromax for 3 days every 2 weeks...and it didnt help. I went back to the US over August to visit with friends and fam and it was tolerable..still quite a few breakouts but not a whole lot of cysts. But now im back in Italy and not taking anything because im waiting to get my blood work done to start Accutane. My skin is at its worst its even been. Lots of cysts and break outs everwhere. The marks seem to stay forever too and not want to go away! :rolleyes: My derm was pretty hesitant to put me on it, because i cannot take the pill because i have something called Protein C Deficiency which causes me to get blood clots (which ive already have had 2 of and im only 24). I have an IUD so the chances are pretty low i will get pregnant. But i had to like beg her to put me on Accutane and shes not even convinced. She wants to talk to someone about my case before she gives me it. She (being Italian) said that Americans are too aggressive with Accutane. I understand her point of view of being cautious, but ive been living with acne for a long time and just want a long term solution without having to be on antibiotics forever. I have read a lot about Accutane and know the risks and am still willing to try it. Im sick of covering up and feel its just a huge hassle..i dont leave the house without makeup and always have to have my back covered up even when im on the beach or its scorching hot out. And i swear...everyone in this country is gorgeous and doesnt have a single blemish (well..from what my acne tunnel vision sees anyway)

Phew...thats a long story to get out! So I have to get my blood work, then meet with her and see what her colleague said about my case. I am HOPING she agrees to put me on it. If she does then I will be documenting that journey here!

A few questions I have are:

Have any girls taken Accutane while having an IUD?

Or having Protein C Deficieny?

I hear lots about Jojoba Oil and wonder if its available abroad and where I should look for it?

Id appreciate any comments!

Ill talk to you soon!


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