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Day 60



So just when you think things are going well, it all turns upside down on you. Its almost like i jinxed myself with my last post.

Last few days havent been the best. 3-4 new pimples, and lips are incredibly dry!

Lip balm every half hour, literally.

Also noticing what seem like sores around my mouth? quite small, yet noticeable, red and slightly inflamed marks around my lips. They seem like cold sores? but maybe not, but definately different to pimples.

Its easy to blame the accutane, but id never had them before in my life. ever. And my lips are very dry.

Not sure if its a reaction to constantly chapped lips or not, but its fricken annoying because they look like pimples! .. just cant win hey.

Seeing my derm in a few days, which is good timing. I need to ask him about it, see what he saids. Possibly be upped to 60mg, not sure. Also had my first blood test this week - needles just add to the fun of accutane :rolleyes: HAHA


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