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OMG today is day 9!



I thought it was only day 7!

So... my skin still looks great. I am so happy.

All I am doing once again is nothing... occasionally washing my face. Yesterday (day 8) I used a wash cloth in the shower in the morning to VERY VERY VERY gently exfoliate my face a little bit. And only because I felt like I was literally shedding my old face and needed to help remove it. I feel like when I got out of the shower I had a new smoother glowing skin. Seriously. Today I did nothing in the morning (I don't wash my face in the morning usually if I am going to wash it) but tonight I steamed my face with a hot washcloth:

Get the washcloth scalding hot- ring it out and then hold it with your hands 1/2 inch away from your face. DO NOT LET IT TOUCH YOUR SKIN. But you can kind of form a pocket of heat between the washcloth and your face. Hold it there until the washcloth cools down a lot. Do this 5 or 6 times and then at the end use the lukewarm wash cloth to gently scrub your face. Then you can gently extract some of your pores. Then use cold (NOT TOO COLD) water and splash your face to close your pores.

THIS HAS BEEN TOTALLY WORTH not wearing makeup and having all my red marks and current zits revealed. WORTH IT ALL.

The natural moisture is so fabulous. So much better than any moisturizer. Seriously- I can't get over this. My skin isn't dry for the first time in years. YEARS. The even tone on my face makes foundation and cover-up totally unnecessary. The only thing is that I would love to just dab a bit of concealer on the red marks on my chin area from old zits. But I am resisting. If I can get to the point where those marks have faded on their own and my skin looks like this at least 3 weeks out of the month... I wont feel like I need ANY makeup.

I used to use the Philosophy cleanser "purity"... and I have to say of all the ones I used it WAS the best but still awful for my skin. The real purity is water and your skins own oils but anyways- I remember they have a kit which promises that after a month or two one will be able to go makeup free.

I mean listen everyone: the real go makeup free kit is already IN your face. Your natural face oils. THAT is how you go makeup free.

I think non-modern societies tend to have clearer skin. At least that's how it appears. And if that is true it is probably because they aren't rubbing all sorts of weird chemicals on their skin. If they do put something on it they put olive oil or a very very very basic cosmetic. I mean do they have a face cleanser? An astringent? NOOO.

I mean I wonder if really horrible acne being so widespread wasn't caused like this:

Modern human sees (fake) perfect actress on stage wearing tons of makeup. (or something like this) and wants said "perfect" face.

Modern human gets better mirrors and lights.

Modern human starts to notice miniscule zits and larger than theirs pores on face.

Modern human grows older and notices tiny wrinkle on forehead.

Modern human begins smearing crap on their face to "correct" their flaws.

Modern human's modern child beging smearing crap on themselves at a young age.

Modern child then believes that the NORMAL minor acne during modern childs adolescence is ABNORMAL and now can and should be cured by smearing crap.

Modern child smears crap until modern child permanently has bad skin (at least for those of us with sensitive skin to begin with) until modern child stops smearing crap.

Once again it is all relative- I am not seeking pore-less porcelain perfect skin here just relative clarity and health. But what if the BAD SKIN had by all of us acne ridden people is caused by all of us just having SENSITIVE SKIN???? That this is just how OUR TYPE of skin responds to SMEARING CRAP ON IT from a young age?

At first when I started this experiment and blog I thought about saying that I didn't think people with VERY severe acne should do this. Or people with incredibly greasy skin. But now I think that those people should try this the most. I really think skin sensitivity, dryness, medication burning and all the other shit is probably taking people from having bad skin to having HORRIBLE skin.

IT IS WORTH A TRY and is COSTS NOTHING and at the very very very very very very least your SKIN will look healthier. And if all these products aren't clearing your skin anyways then why not have imperfect skin that looks healthy and moist? That isn't so irritated that it chaps, flakes off, has zit clusters that take two months to heal. Very few people in the world really have perfect skin anyway... it's all relative. And I promise if you can stick with this for over a week your skin will improve in some way.

Really- someone else HAS to try this with me.


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