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Day 88



The crazy 88....

Had my appointment this morning, they said my bloodwork looks perfect, but I am still getting zits. I have a big on right in the middle of my forehead right now and my Dr. said she didn't like that, she said I shouldn't be getting any at this point, so with my bloodwork lookking as good as it does, she feels good about bumping me up to 100. That seems a little high to me, because I've never seen anyone on this board with a doseage that high, but if it will nuke it and my doc says I'm doing good, and honestly, I haven't had as bad of side effects as I was expecting, I feel ok about it. Let's nuke this shit forever as far as I'm concerned. Glad it wasn't all in my head though that I thought I should be done breaking out at this point. Wish me luck everybody!

ps: Really tired a lot, but mostly because I am working 2 jobs and feeling like all I do is work...haaaaaaate it. Took a half day at my reg job today then working 3 hours at my night job which suuuuuucks and then 4 hours there again tomorrow. I'm the person who calls you about taking a survey and you yell at me and hang up in my face. Please don't do that and just understand I'm simply doing my job, I don't like calling you anymore than you do. Till next time.


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