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MY how time flies. Started BCP, having great results!



Today, I am one month deep in some birth control. I hate it, but it was for a completely non-acne related issue, and now I am damned with it for the end of time. Or at least until three packs runs out...

As of now, the terrible chin breakouts I have been having (along my jaw as well) have halted, and my skin is clear of any active acne....!!! I have red marks from my cheek bones down (HALP!!) but as far as my painful itchy nasty acne, I've got nothing!! I have changed my routine up quite a bit, as well so it's mighty hard to know which it was exactly that made this work...

As of now, I am using Biore Complexion Clearing Scrub day and night, along with Neutrogena Triple Action Stress Control toner, and Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion. Same for day and night. At first when I started the BCP and new face wash routine, my face was so incredibly oily. Minutes after applying makeup, it would slide off and my face has never been oily. I chalk that up to the BCP though. The toner was a bit drying at first, but I did start with only once a day, and now I'm up to twice a day. For reference, I am using Nortrel 1/35, which I believe is generic for Ortho Novum. It seems to be doing great things, and no side effects to report after an entire month's cycle of it. We'll see how things go!

PS: Things (my acne) got really bad after I got off of the regimen, and I feel as though my skin was almost purging out what the BP was supressing! After starting the Salicylic Acid again, I'm not sure if I can go back to full applications of BP. Spot treatment, sure. The tea tree oil worked pretty much the same as the BP, but my husband couldn't tolerate the smell, and after a while neither of us could.


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