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what is worse?



hey guys!

just washed my face, and is getting ready to go to bed.

but as i was done drying my face, i could clearly see alot of my acne scars.

therefor, i'm writing this post.

what do you think is worse, acne or the acne scars ?

in my opinion the acne scars is worse than acne.

acne will after a little or long while go away, while the scars will be there for a long time or even forever.

the scars on my cheeks are the worse on my face.

They are soooo visible, that it even looks like acne itself, when it is really scars.

and it doesn't look like it is fading anytime soon.

so what do you think is worse, acne or acne scars ?

that's all for today guys, bye bye and good night.

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