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Day 54 - Drained



last night i drained my other cyst, the one on my right cheek. but theres still a bump so probably the 'sac' is still in there.. i dont know im really confused. because the stuff that came out of it was the same as what came out of my 2 cystic pimples on my chin so i was thinking maybe its just a realy big cystic pimple but after i drained it and im sure i got everything out, theres still a bump, which makes me think it is a cyst, which the doctor said it was. but if it was a cyst, how would i have been able to drain it myself without stabbing a hole in it with a needle or something? so im really confused but at least its flatter now, even tho there is still a bump its a lot better, im just really hoping accutane takes care of the bump and if it doesnt at least i have a dermatologist appointment like right after im done accutane and hopefully they can do something about it. otherwise, the rest of my skin is doing well.


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