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plus side to bluetooth?...



since ive been home from indianapolis after staying w. my boyfriend & his family. i was trying to calm my skin down PRONTO. i have to say i have YET to get the regimen grrrrrr. not by choice, but... i thought to myself:

A. i have a droid eris

B. a droid is a touchscreen phone.

C. touching my phone all day everyday...is basically as if im touching my face.

so i began talking using my speakerphone, i have to say that & trying not to be so stressed lately & keep up w. using my green tea scrub?...my face has GREATLY improved A LOT! i just got my period yesterday & yes i got a few bumps here & there but really wasnt anything i couldnt handle. im trying hard to keep up w. this because my skin has gotten SO much better.

when i tan i also use the olay complete moisturizer spf which was recommended from Dan (:

hope this is helpful (:


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