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Clinique 3 step system



Hey guys

since i don't have anything to do, i thought that i should do my opinion on the clinique 3 step system.

In norway this set is very expensive. i bought mine for 600 kr, that's around 100 dollars, and i didn't get all full size. only the cleanser and toner.

At first i started to break out a little, but that is very normal when you have just started to use a new product(s). after around 2 weeks my face started to clear up, and i only had around 2 -4 small pimples. Soon those pimples also started to dissapear.

sounds amazing, right ?

well, not really. After around 4 weeks the system started to not really help anymore, and the acne slowly came back. Suddenly i could get a huge breakout, that would last forever. .

yeah . . i kind of expected this products to be THE product for my face, but sadly it dissapointed me, like every other products i have used ..

Well well , this is what happened to me and my face. So your skin can react diffrently to this product, and maybe do moore good than bad.

edit: i used number 3.

i would give this product a 3 out of 6.

visit me on my personal blog :




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