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my medication is breaking me out



Hey guys

Still sick, great.

Though that i was better yesterday, but suddenly at night my stomach pain came back.

so now i'm sitting here, complaining about the pain i have and the breakout i get from the medication.

anyway, back to the topic.

because i'm sick, i need to take alot of pills so that i can get better. ( still not working .. )

and that makes me break out like crazy ! i have seen on television ( documentaries ) of people using pills everyday, and some of them have alot of breakout and acne . .

ahhhh, why do i have to be sick, but also get such a big breakout. it makes me sooo angry. . .


i just wanted to write to get my frustration out. better out than in.

iloveyouguys, and hopefully your day is much better than mine.

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