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Day 4



Ok what is crazy is last night I appeared to be getting a zit on my chin. The good old clogged pore white head that may turn into a cyst. So I popped it and extracted the cylindrical mass from the pore. Usually this just results in another zit. But I woke up this morning and it was totally dried up.

My face still isn't oily anywhere but my nose- and not very much. It's strange because my old zits are really drying up on their own. It's no different than the healing drying pattern one usually sees with acne medication.

I did get a small zit on my cheek/nose t-zone region but it's so minor. Just a little red bump- the kind people without acne probably cry over but I don't even really consider a zit. But to counter it in the shower this morning I splashed water on my face- patted it off my nose quickly on the towel and then splashed it again. I may end up needing to cleanse my nasal region... I'm thinking I might end up washing just my nose and the cheek part right next to it every couple days and then wash my entire face like once a week with cetaphyl (sp?) but as of right now I am doing no cleansing. I have to fully do this experiment to see if my skin can correct itself.

Oh and btw- EVERYONE is SOOOO against this idea. I talk to this older woman at work who has suffered with acne all her life- all over her shin. She is pocked with scars. I told her about my experiment and she responded with "you can't do that!" I've been very open with everyone that I am doing this.. and everyone is almost religious about face washing. But the truth is that my face isn't behaving any differently at day 4! So far zits are drying up, I have no new zits except a tiny one and to be honest my skin tone looks a little more even and... healthy?

Who knows... we'll see!


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