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Acnotic treatment



I will make 28 years old on October 9th and i have been fighting acne since i was 18 years old. I finally decided to pay a visti to the dermatologist today and he prescribed for me acnotin. I started my acnotic treatment today and I am so scared after reading all the stories the sideffects some people were having. am literally scared that i wanted to call up my ex-boyfriend just to have him tell me that it was going to be okay.

I need some one i guess who can walk with me through this journey. Am such a busy person, i wonder if i will be able to make it through this treatment without any set backs.

Was disappointed when i read that the treatment doesnt forever clear acne...it was such a drain coz i have huge, gigantic cysts that make me almost go crazy...they itch, they burn , they make my face look horrible. Infact my pictures always look terrible...sometimes i wonder if this pain will stop, and if my esteem will rise again.

Well, lets see how this goes...



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