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Day 14 on Accutane



Well today is day 14, week two of 20mg two times a day of Accutane. My last entry, I posted was day five and I told you guys about the side effects I was experiencing...well it turns out I totally jinxed myself. It was literally day 6 when my lips become unbearable and I have completely stopped with the Proactiv regimen and have now switched over to Cetaphil because my face burned with the strength of Proactiv. I am using both the cleanser and moisturizer by Cetaphil and it works wonders for my dry flaky skin!

This past weekend I had an IB and I was so embarrassed! It has calmed down now, still have blemishes pretty much everywhere but my nodules are gone!!! Really hope my clear beautiful skin comes soon!

Till next time...ciao.


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