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Third week...awful



So, this is my third week on isotretinoin and things have just gotten worse >.<

I wasn't expecting any serious breakouts due to the cortisone pills, but hell no!! Ive broken out big time! Ive got two huge pimples on both of my cheeks, my forehead has 3 big lumps and lots of pimples everywhere!! it's horrible, plus, my lips are very dry and chapped---uggh...:rolleyes::mad:

I forgot to tell you I was also prescribed clindamycine+aloe vera gel which doesn't seem to be working ...Im still using it though just in case :(

As you can see, the feared moment arrived >.> Im having an IB and knowing that this is just the beginning makes me feel even worse :( but, at the end of the day I know I just have to stick with it and deal with it.

hopefully one day (soon...?) I'll be laughing at my past times as an acne sufferer!!

I wonder if I'll break out even more in the next days, I hope not cause I work in a department store on the weekends... you guys must know how hard it is to show up looking like this, once again, im feeling depressed, I hate the way my face looks right now, everyone just cant stop staring at me x.x im feeling so blue (yet!! not suicidal lol).. :mad:

Almost 1st month!!! o.o what to expect??


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