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miss lyss


yup that title pretty much sums up my day so far...

i had like a horrific time putting on my make up this morning.. a bunch a flakes!

then i head to work, (i work as an EA at an elementary school) and had an interesting interlude. i was doing lunch duty, and this cute blonde girl maddy asked me if i use proactiv on my skin. a few things go through my mind.. first of all, how the hell does a 1st grader know what proactiv is!? and second of all, i used to love proactiv, until it started reeking hovic on my skin 8 months ago, and thirdly, shes probably asking because my skin looks horrible today?

so, i ask her why she asked me that.. she responds and says because your skin looks so clear!

i laugh, and walk away.. i'm glad she thinks so! woke up with a new pimple right in the middle of my left cheek which is my bad area where it was FINALLY healing.. thanks maddy for trying to make my day.

ugh, and its friday and i all i wanna do is hide.. but i have to set off for job #2 and then lots of stuf for the night.

adios. :rolleyes:


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